Shri Mangalam Bangles was Incorporated in 1997. The collection as you would imagine was limited. There were only 5 workers doing extreme hard work to get the products in the market. The market was quite dynamic for the time and they so steady growth for their demand in the market there was not much competition at the time. The sweat and hard work made them out grow to more workers in the coming years.


There was good growth and with the aim of having everything produced in house, Mangalam had started gold plating and had acquired fresh machinery for the same. The products were now sold out of Rajasthan to other states like Gujrat. With increased workers and demand the company quickly expanded to meet the demand and most of the production was under the house.


With the experience of gold plating and producing exceptional bangles for the customers Mangalam was amongst the top in competition. Mr Mahendra Singh Bhati received the Bharat Udyog Ratna in 2007 for exceptional work in providing employment and satisfying customers by building an incredible company. The company expanded to newer buildings and received many awards in the coming years. Many important personalities have visited the manufacturing plants and have appreciated our work. The passion towards our work is unlike any competition and that shows in our biggest achievements our products.


Over 20 years of experience in the market and millions of satisfied have brought us to the top. We now ship our products to wholesalers all over India and more and more wholesalers  connect with us everyday. We now have more than  200 workers working full time and the complete process is managed by us. With 15 years of electro-gold plating our products have been known to customers as long lasting. Our bangles with the unique gold plating can withstand soap, dirt and the materials of daily life easily and not loose their shine


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Mahendra Singh Bhati

Shri Mangalam bangles

Gajendra Singh Bhati

Shri Mangalam bangles

Surendra Singh Bhati

Shubham bangles